You can find our wines at the following locations.


Stellar Cellars, LLC (Wholesale) Chicago, IL
Phone: 847.609.2510


Purveyor of Fine Wines (Wholesale)
P.O. Box 30308, New Orleans, LA 70190
Phone: .(504) 523-5230 Fax: (504) 581-4397
Purveyor of Fine Wines is a company that offers a wide selection of Fine Wines, as our name implies, throughout the state of Louisiana. Fine wines is a term more commonly used in the past. Yet, today, with the explosion of handcrafted wines and reawakened varietals from both the old and, ever more so, the new wine regions of the world, it is clear that exciting, intriguing, fine quality wines can be found in almost all price ranges. At Purveyor’s we take pride in our ability to identify the finest wines from all the wine producing regions of the world. We offer our customers a genuine choice of fine wines in many price ranges. We strive to meet all of our customers' needs and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality, personalised service possible. Purveyor of Fine Wines is both our name and our commitment.

Lagniappe Peak, Napa Valley