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Wine of the Week: 2015 Jazzie Sauvignon Blanc

Jun 5, 2017

At the 2017 Napa Valley Vintner's wine auction, we poured our Sauvignon Blanc along with about 25 other producers. Following her tasting of the offerings; St. Helena Star wine writer; Catherine Bugue, proclaimed Jazzie as Wine of the Week.

Here is what Catherine had to say:

As we simmer under the warm sun this summer, Lagniappe’s crisp sauvignon blanc will come as a welcome respite. Discovered at Auction Napa Valley under just those conditions this past week, the Jazzie is a vibrantly fruity sip that finishes nice and crisp. Neutral French barrels, and stirring of the lees, bring a rich texture to the wine without adding oak-influenced flavors. This lets the stone fruits and pink grapefruit citrus character shine along with an interesting hint of flinty stones.


Lagniappe is a French term for “an unexpected surprise” or “a little something extra.” Keep a few bottles on hand, and you’ll have an insta-refreshment to pull out at a moment’s notice this summer.



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Lagniappe Peak, Napa Valley