Lower Blocks




The lower vineyard has been developed in stages and consists of 8 separate blocks; each designated by the varietals selected for that location and for its unique growing characteristics.  The majority of the lower vineyard is located approximately 700 feet above sea level; although there are variations of about 100 feet of elevation from the median, at various parts of the property.



Block 4 is planted almost exclusively to Clone 04 Cabernet Sauvignon planted in 2010.  This block has the longest straight rows on the vineyard.  Laid out east to west, the vines get ample sunlight from early morning until late in the afternoon.  Portions of the block have a steeper pitch and are more difficult to farm.  Block 4 also contains a few rows of Clone 09 Malbec.


Block 5 consists of head trained Clone 09 Malbec planted in 2010.  This block consists of a small steep irregular patch; which did not lend itself to laying out the longer runs of trellising necessary to train cordons.  The Malbec vines adapted to their head training with vigorous canopies and good yield.  The location of this block; close to the perimeter of the vineyard and natural scrub; leave the vines susceptible to yellow jacket incursions.  We trap from early spring through to harvest to combat this natural predator.



Block 6 also consists of head trained Clone 09 Malbec planted in 2010.  This block runs downhill and abuts the Milliken watershed property owned by the City of Napa.  In fact, one small finger of our property runs all the way down to the creek.



Block 7 is planted to Clone 07 Syrah, established in 2010.  Syrah is very vigorous and thrives in the challenging conditions of our vineyard.


Block 8 was mostly planted in 2010 and consists of Clone 15 Merlot.  We use Merlot strictly as a blending grape to add the elegance and refined characteristic of Lagniappe Peak red wines.  A small patch which had been reserved for expansion was planted in summer 2016.


Block 9 was planted in summer 2014 to Clone 04 Cabernet Sauvignon.  These vines are planted in sloped areas which do not allow for conventional trellises.  All of the vines are planted as head trained; which is usually only found on hillside properties, such as ours. The vines are now in their third leaf and we have aggressively pursued eliminating the competing scrub.


Block 10 was planted, in stages, in summer 2014 and 2016 to Clone 04 Cabernet Sauvignon.  This block is also sloped and does not allow the use of trellises.  The block is planted at various elevations, due to extensive rock outcroppings; and at places is the highest of our lower blocks.  This block also houses our gazebo which has expansive views and is a delightful destination to enjoy a glass (or two) of wine at the end of the day.  This picture shows the dramatic change in elevation.  The gazebo is located on the other side of the large rock outcropping and can be seen in the Destinations page elsewhere in the website.


Block 11 was planted in summer 2016 and is likely the last piece of our property which will be developed.  It consists of a swale which is somewhat sheltered from the afternoon breezes which are characteristic of the rest of our property.  It is planted to head trained Clone 09 Malbec.  This picture shows the block staked out; just prior to planting the new vines.

Lagniappe Peak, Napa Valley