Lagniappe Peak Vineyards: Upper Blocks



Our first three blocks were planted in 2009 and are in close proximity to our home.  Blocks 1 & 3 have the most challenging terrain on the property.  They were originally cleared solely for purposes of creating “defensible space” against the danger of fire.  However, we quickly understood that they also had the potential to produce unique, high quality grapes.


Block 1 is planted to Clone Noir Syrah. This vineyard is directly open to the morning breezes off the Bay; is partially sheltered from morning sun and has maximum exposure to afternoon warmth.


Block 2 is planted to Clone 07 Cabernet Sauvignon and Clone 03 Merlot. This vineyard receives moderate morning sun and extended afternoon exposure; it directly overlooks our reservoir and benefits from associated temperature moderation.


Block 3 is planted primarily to Clone 09 Malbec with some rows of Clone Noir Syrah. This is our steepest vineyard and receives morning breezes, early sun and moderate afternoon exposure.

Lagniappe Peak, Napa Valley