Lagniappe Peak

Our estate has evolved as we have lived with the land and learned its defining characteristics and natural cycles.  While we own ten acres; only a small portion is viable for development as building sites or vineyard acreage.

Our first seven years on Lagniappe Peak were dedicated to creating our home and understanding the physical limitations imposed by our challenging terrain.  Initially we were advised by local experts that our property could not support a functioning vineyard.  We initially accepted their counsel and instead focused our efforts on creating defensible space against the fire danger inherent in the relatively remote location of Atlas Peak.

As we worked with the land and cleared the fire prone scrub, we quickly understood its potential as a unique site for producing low yield, high quality red grapes.  The realization that we could indeed live our dream of owning a top tier vineyard, delivered our “lagniappe”, or unexpected surprise.

Lagniappe Peak was, and is, hand cleared, planted and farmed.  Our challenging terrain precludes the use of machinery. Even today, select blocks are hand farmed to the four varietals that are blended to create our signature Proprietor Reserve wines.  Each of our blocks have been designed and planted to produce fruit that reflect the unique characteristics of its location on our property.  The one unifying factor is all of our vines are planted on 110R rootstock

We planted on ancient volcanic flow with shallow, mineral rich soils. We look out a gap to the Bay with views of the SF skyline, Mt. Tamalpais and the Golden Gate.  We get early morning fog and afternoon breezes which provide us with extended hang time. 


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Lagniappe Peak, Napa Valley