Our Vineyards



Consistent with our commitment to producing wines which faithfully capture the expression of their place of origin; we obsess in forging long-term relationships with growers, including ourselves, who are dedicated to and passionate about their vineyards.



We have curated a collection of properties which possess unique physical and meteorological characteristics; e.g., unique terroir. It is somewhat evident to an experienced grower, as to whether a vineyard’s location and terrain is likely to produce unique and interesting fruit.  However, it is never obvious whether a grower shares our passion for allowing the vines to develop with minimal intervention and reach their natural plateau.

For this reason we have developed a simple guiding principle.  When selecting a partner grower, we always default to those with whom we have a pre-existing relationship and comfort in their practices.  If our winemaker, vineyard manager or I have firsthand knowledge of the vineyard and proprietor, we are far more likely to enter into a relationship.


Our vineyards can be placed into a few simple categories:


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Lagniappe Peak, Napa Valley