Windsor Oaks Vineyards


Commencing with the 2017 vintage we will be producing a Petite Sirah with grapes sourced from Windsor Oaks Vineyards; located in the Chalk Hill AVA in Sonoma County.  Carved out of a curious northeast corner of the Russian River AVA. the Chalk Hill AVA is defined by its warmer climate and volcanic soils. Chalk Hill’s AVA status was awarded in 1983 but revised in 1988. 

The Chalk Hill AVA is named for the chalky white ash that characterizes the soils. It’s volcanic in origin, not actual chalk, despite the appearance of a bright cut in a small hill along Chalk Hill Road bearing a pair of signs that announce, “Chalk Hill”—it’s volcanic tuff.

Our Petite Sirah comes from contiguous rows in Block 37B at Windsor Oaks Vineyards.  The block was planted to Clone 3 on 5BB rootstock in 2007.  We chose Windsor Oaks as it possesses many of the characteristics found in our Atlas Peak vineyards.  

As the elevation of the estate rises to nearly 1,000 feet above sea level, the soil profiles reflect their mountainous origins, derived from quartzite and volcanic ash deposited over the centuries by eruptions of Mt. St. Helena to the east. The upper section, where we source our Petite Sirah, are part of Chalk Hill with embedded stones,frequently chalk, in the decomposed volcanic soils. These blocks tend to enjoy more sunshine and warmer temperatures, moderated by regular breezes from the west, making them ideally suited to later ripening varietals such as Petite Sirah. 

Lagniappe Peak, Napa Valley