Trails End

Trails End Vineyard produces the Syrah for our Bebe Rose wine. Gerardo Cruz, our vineyard manager, also farms this vineyard.

Trails End is located in Potter Valley, a sub-appellation in the Mendocino AVA. Potter Valley is relatively small and is completely surrounded by hills. Consequently, it warms up to relatively high temperatures during the day; and gets much cooler at night. As such it has a shorter growing season and does not allow for the extended hang time which we enjoy in our vineyard.

Trails End is approximately 950 feet above sea level. It is planted on clay loam soil, which was ripped prior to planting. Gerardo farms it organically and the vines and fruit are beautiful


While the shorter growing season does not allow the grapes to reach the higher brix measurements we take in Napa; the lower level of sugar is perfect for the dry Rose style which we love in Bebe.

Lagniappe Peak, Napa Valley