Angel Acres

Angel Acres is a one acre Cabernet Vineyard, located in the Coombsville Ava in southeastern Napa Valley; under the stewardship of Rosanne and David Suttie.  I asked Rosie to tell the story of Angel Acres; she enthusiastically warmed up to the task!

“Napa Valley, it was love at first sight!!  While driving up North from Los Angeles during a school break from UCLA at Christmas time, we stopped in a small, then very rural town, surrounded by lush green hillsides, orchards and an occasional chicken that leisurely crossed in front of us. We totally fell in love with Napa!

Immediately upon graduation, we moved to Napa.  While putting down roots, we toured around above the Valley floor and gasped when we overlooked Coombsville.  For us, it was definitely, a little bit of heaven on earth! 

In Coombsville, we have one mighty acre of Cabernet Sauvignon which is in its' 12th leaf.  Cabernet grows extremely well in Coombsville AVA because of the climate:  the cool moist, marine layer comes in off the coast slowing down the ripening process which makes for a longer hang time.  This allows the juices in the cluster to slowly mature.  Slowing down the maturation helps to create the character which produces amazing tasting grapes and excellent tasting wine!

Only one acre? It is true that we could have four acres of vines, but we have chosen to have one acre where we can focus all of our attention, a concentrated effort, which allows us to read the vines so that we can provide for them the best nutrition, organic fertilizer and farming methods, as well as, keeping pests and mildew at bay, always having a watchful eye on the “children”.  Vines are like children because they always need to have someone care and advocate for them.

Bottom line:  When you drink the wine made from the grapes of Angel Acres, it will be a little heaven on earth as you sip this lively and playful cab.”

Angel Acres has a long tradition of producing high quality Cabernet.  We are proud to welcome Angel Acres to the Lagniappe Peak family; and eagerly await our first harvest in 2016.

Lagniappe Peak, Napa Valley