Our Other Napa Valley Growers

While we are definitely enamored with Atlas Peak fruit;  we also deeply appreciate the special characteristics that come from the varied terroir found in other parts of Napa Valley.

Napa Valley is known for its innovative, quality-driven wines that stand among the best in the world;  but most winemakers will tell you that quality starts in the vineyard. Our great diversity of soils, unique microclimates and collaboration within the vintner community compel our vintners and growers to refine their grape growing practices to produce the best possible wines.

Napa Valley vineyards are intentionally farmed to produce low yields which resulting in vivid, concentrated flavors in the grapes. Throughout the growing season, the canopy is carefully managed, usually by hand, to ensure optimal fruit development

Vineyard workers will tend each vine, on average, more than twenty times during the year—a far different ethic than just a few decades ago when the popular practice was "prune, sucker and pick."

 Because of the importance of vineyard practices, in addition to location, we use core guiding principles to select growers with whom we enter into relationships; we want to understand and participate in the critical decisions that produce a successful growing season and harvest.  We also give preference to those growers with whom we have a pre-existing and ongoing relationship.

The following are two special growers whose grapes are found in Lagniappe Peak wines.

Angel Acres                  Dalla Gasperina Vineyard                    Carsi Vineyard Semillon

Lagniappe Peak, Napa Valley