Our Rocks


Block 10:  The Guardian

Our vineyards are planted on top of an ancient volcanic flow.  This presents unusual challenges in farming!

Block 2:  The Stone Saddle                                  Block 2: The Stone Saddle

The copious presence of very large rocks, coupled with the fact that the topography of our property necessitates hand farming, results in some unusual scenes in the vineyard.

Block 6: The Troll among the head-trained Malbec

Each of our eleven blocks of grapes contain large rock formations which we simply have had to work around. In some cases we have had to cut short our rows of trellises. In many other cases the rocks are so pervasive that it required us to plant head trained vines, rather than utilize conventional trellising.

Block 11: Looking to the Gazebo

On the other hand, farming in such challenging conditions produces stressed vines, which produce high quality fruit. (Some might quip that our vines are so stressed, they require weekly therapy!)

Block 3:  The Cliffs at Lands End


Lagniappe Peak, Napa Valley